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Best mobile games for kids and adults this Easter

We’ve reviewed the very best new iOS and Android games to keep yourself and the kids amused over the Easter break.

The Trace (iOS) – one for the adults

This slick new adventure game has you scouring three highly detailed environments to solve a brutal murder. With its twisty turny plot, gorgeous graphics and fun exploration gameplay, The Trace is one of the best point n’ click adventure games we’ve played lately. Plus, the relaxed difficulty means that younger gamers can get involved too, if they don’t mind the odd dead body that crops up.

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Home: Boov Pop (iOS/Android) – one for the kids (but adults will also get a kick)

If your little darlings cower at the sight of blood, then perhaps Boov Pop, based on characters from the new Dreamworks flick ‘Home’, will appease. This colourful puzzle game has you popping balloons in sequence to unlock massive combos. The difficulty quickly ramps up but some varied gameplay, with changing objectives and the occasional funky boss fight, makes Boov Pop a constantly engaging game for kids and adults alike.

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Satellina (iOS) – one for either

Although it looks like a puzzle game, Satellina requires fast reactions as well as smarts. The aim is once again to pop the on-screen bubbles, but this time they’re nipping around the place rather than standing still. To make matters worse, you can only pop them when they turn green – stab an yellow or red bubble and it’s game over, man. You’ll be willfully replaying the same stages over and over to get the best possible score, and probably playing well into the early morn as it’s a seriously addictive game.

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A Dark Room (iOS) – one for the adults

Although it’s not a new game, we only recently discovered the genius of indie title A Dark Room, a twisted text-only RPG that gets under your skin from the first few seconds. With no explanation of what’s going on, A Dark Room can be quite a punishing experience but it’s also insanely gripping and confounds your expectations on more than one occasion.

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Twelve a Dozen (iOS) – one for the kids

If you want your kids to beef up their maths skills but they aren’t too keen on swatting up with a text book, Twelve a Dozen is a perfect way to get them practicing over the Easter hols. This brainy platform game has you solving number problems in order to progress, so you get a mental workout as well as an entertaining experience.

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Limbo (iOS/Android) – one for the adults

This dark and atmospheric platformer sees you exploring a monochrome world filled with all manner of perils, from giant man-eating spiders to acid lakes and collapsing caves. Chances are you’ll die several hundred times before you reach the end, but the combination of sinister visuals, smart puzzles and generally addictive gameplay means you’ll never give up until you reach the end credits.


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