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Best Pebble Time apps (and how to download apps)

The best sports apps, fitness tracking apps, entertainment apps, tools, remotes and games you can download from Pebble’s own apps store to your shiny new Pebble Time smartwatch.

How do I download apps for the Pebble Time?

Simple. First, download the Pebble Time app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. This allows you to connect your phone to your Pebble Time watch. Next, tap ‘My Pebble’ at the top of the app, then ‘Get Apps’ in the menu which pops up.

This takes you to Pebble’s online apps store, where everything is free to download. Just find the app you want (there’s a search function as well as collections to browse) and tap ‘get’. It will automatically download onto your watch via your phone. Some apps require a companion app to be installed on your smartphone too, and occasionally these can cost – but you’ll be informed when this is necessary.

Best Pebble Time Fitness Apps


Pebble’s RunKeeper app shows your workout stats, so you don’t have to fish around for your mobile to see how you’re doing. RunKeeper uses the watch’s built-in accelerometer too, so you can leave the phone at home if you want. Requires a companion app.


Misfit sits in the background on the Pebble Time and tallies your steps taken throughout the day, awarding you points for getting off your arse and keeping active. There’s a handy graph showing your week’s activities and also a basic sleep tracker – although its estimate that I average six hours of kip a night is sadly optimistic.

The Pebble Time’s water resistance means you can keep it on when doing laps in your local pool, and helps to track your key stats: distance covered, number of strokes and so on. Requires a companion app.

Best Pebble Time Games


It’s Tetris on your smartwatch. Tetris! On your smartwatch! You can even save your game and come back later, making it a great way to pass a couple of minutes while you wait for your tube. The only annoyance is not being able to drop the blocks once you have them in position.

Mr Runner Up

Just bounce your way up the screen by tilting left and right to land on the platforms, but beware: some disintegrate, some shift about the place and some have a coating of deadly spikes. A smattering of awesome power-ups makes things even more mental.

Tiny Bird

We’re sure that no real description is needed here, but just in case: yep, this is an annoyingly addictive rip-off of Flappy Bird, where you once again steer a gormless feathered creature through endless pipes. It’s as teeth-gnashingly difficult as ever.

Best Pebble Time Tools


Perfect for shared shopping lists and the like, Evernote delivers full note-taking functionality to your Pebble Time’s tiny screen. Set yourself reminders and save yourself some grief.


The Pebble Time enjoys almost a full week of battery life per charge, but it’s nice to know when you’re running low and keep tabs on usage. Battery+ estimates how long you have left before the Time needs plugging in, based on your average consumption.

Cards for Pebble

This handy little app delivers your most important info, all on one screen. By default you get the date, time and one other thing, such as your next calendar appointment or battery life. With a tap of the Time’s up and down buttons, you can then scroll through any other info you’ve selected.

Best Pebble Time Random Apps

Nav Me

You’ll have to pay a ‘license fee’ of £1.83 to use Nav Me beyond the free trial period (one week), but it’s worth the price to get Google’s turn-by-turn navigation on your wrist. Very handy when power walking across London.


A handy wrist remote for your Nest thermostat, to fiddle with the temperature with minimal effort.


Like Leaf, the Heubble app allows direct control over your Philips Hue lights, so you can get some sexy lighting on the go with just a tap of your wrist.

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Got any favourite apps of your own? Let us know in the comments below.


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