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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases and S8+ cases

If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to pick up one of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 or S8+ then you’ll notice that they’re rather beautiful examples of smartphone engineering. Want to keep them looking as box fresh as possible? Check out one of these top-notch cases.

Tech21 Evo Check – £29.95

One of the biggest names in the case game has to be Tech21. Having made a name for itself with some smart shock absorbing material design, the brand’s latest cases come in a range of designs that all ensure your S8 or S8+ can take a tumble and play it off like it was nothing.

Tech21 Evo Check case

The company’s Evo Check is its most popular line by quite some margin and you can be sure there’s a version for both S8 models. Integrating drop protection up to 10 feet, this translucent case comes in four colours and offers serious value at under £30. For £10 more you can grab the Lace Edition, which comes in black or white and boasts a unique lace-inspired pattern.

Tech21 Evo Go Case – £59.95

Tech21 Evo Go case

Much like the Check, the Evo Go offers the same level of drop protection and comes in black or Orchid but augments the experience with an integrated card wallet concealed by real leather trim without adding additional bulk. Yours for just under £60 with free delivery.

i-BLADES Smartcase – $119.00 (after pre-order)

i-BLADES was born out of an Indiegogo campaign back during the reign of the Galaxy S6, but two years later the company’s smartcases are now available for the Korean tech giant’s newest top blowers.

i-BLADES Smartcase

These cases get their ‘smart’ nomenclature from the detachable ‘blades’ that magnetically snap onto their backs, not unlike Lenovo’s MotoMods. The latest generation offers drop protection of up to 4 feet and integrates a Bosch BME 680 Enviro Sensor that gives you a readout on air quality in real-time by way of i-BLADES’ native app.

The interchangeable Smartblades focus on two of arguably the most important commodities on your smartphone: storage and battery; with plans for new offerings in the future that cover everything from VR to health.

For $99 on pre-order (plus $35 shipping if you’re outside the US) you get a matte black, soft-touch polycarbonate smartcase and the Turbo64 Smartblade which features an 1800mAh rechargeable battery to extend the S8s’ longevity by up to an additional 12 hours and 64GB of internal storage with a secondary microSD slot for expansion thrown in for good measure too.

Olixar X-Trex – £14.99

If you’re looking for something a little tougher Olixar’s new X-Trex range looks like the right tool for the job. It’s composite thermopolyurethane/polycarbonate build protects your S8 on all sides, featuring a lip on the front so you can place the phone face-down without having to worry about picking up scratches, whilst also keeping all of the phone’s ports readily accessible.

Olixar X-Trex case case

Like the company’s established ArmourDillo offerings, it also packs an integrated kickstand for enjoying media and there’s even a secure card wallet built in. Not bad for a sub-£15 case. Available in black or red/black from MobileFun.

Moshi Overture – £35

If you like your phone to dress as sharply as you do, then check out Moshi’s Overture case. This faux-leather folio case protects you S8 or S8+ on all sides with a polycarbonate frame that snugly holds onto your S8 on one side, whilst there’s room for multi cards and cash on the other.

Moshi Overture case

You can flip the cover over as it doubles as a stand for enjoying media, whilst the washable Neato screen cleaning pad in a nice extra to help keep your S8 smudge-free. You can buy it directly from Moshi here.


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