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Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini cases: Small thing protected in tiny packages

We’ve already expressed our fondness for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Samsung have been able to squeeze some of the highlights of their flagship handset’s user experience into a smaller, more affordable package and as such, the Mini feels a lot closer to its S3 cousin than it actually is.

Naturally for such a capable, beautiful handset, it’s no surprise that owners might feel the need to keep its good looks intact for as long as possible and as such, we’ve collated a list of some of our favourite cases built explicitly for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Roxy Sock – £9.95

Case makers Proporta have joined forces with US clothing brand Quicksilver to bring S3 Mini owners their range of Roxy Socks. The sock is design to fit snuggly around your S3 Mini, ideal for when you’re hitting the slopes or just out and about. There are three vibrant colour options on offer: yellow with blue, pink with black and blue with pink, each adorned with the Roxy logo on a label in the corner of each sock. Proporta also sell these cases complete with a lifetime exchange warranty.

Roxy Sock


Leather Style Wallet Case – £10.97

The practicality offered by this leather style wallet case is impressive when considering the price. As well as protecting your Galaxy S3 Mini in a stylish faux leather wallet, complete with a magnetic snap-on latch, the outer surfaces feature slim padded areas front and back, not to mention space for cash and credit cards with purpose built slots and pockets on the opposing flap. Users can choose from white, black or purple versions.

Leather Style Wallet Case


FlexiShield Skin – £9.99

For those who think their S3 Mini might undergo a bit of rough and tumble in its day to day use, the FlexiShield skin might be worth a look. It’s hard not to argue with the sub-£10 price tag when you consider this skin offers stylish, unobtrusive protection to your precious smartphone. The outer skin is made from an impact resistant gel which is said to be tougher than some hardcases on the market. What’s more the material choice adds a lot of grip to the S3 Mini making it easier and safer to hold without adding too much additional bulk in the process. Available in black or Frost White.

FlexiShield Skin


Case-Mate Tough Case – £29.99

Should the entry-level tough case not cut the mustard when it comes to hardy smartphone protection, safety conscious S3 Mini owners might want to turn to the Case-Mate’s Tough Case. Purpose built for the S3 Mini, this case features a dual layer design, with dust-proof access to the phone’s hardware controls and slots for the the handsets native ports too. The inner layer of flexible silicone stands to absorb shocks, drops and bumps, whilst a hard ABS outer shell means your S3 Mini won’t even flinch when it comes to scratches and scrapes. It costs a little more than the FlexiShield case, but some may say it’s worth it.

Case-Mate Tough Case


Official Samsung Flip Case – £24.95

If you want to ensure your S3 Mini gets a case which meets Samsung’s exacting standards, the company have produced their own range of flip cases, perfectly suited to the S3 Mini. By swapping out the S3 Mini standard back cover, the flip case attached with a hard panel which wraps around the front of the device. The microfibre inside lining also helps keep the screen cleans a fingerprint free between usage. There are blue and white options to match the S3 Mini’s Marble White and Pebble blue colour schemes, but if you’re looking for something with a little more punch, there are also some vivid Light Blue, Mint and Pink options to choose from.

Official Samsung Flip Case



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