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Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ deals in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is now available to pre-order in the UK from most of the big networks, with a release date of September 4th. We’ve rounded up all of the best UK deals, so you can pick the best contract for you.

Direct from Samsung

If you don’t need a contract, just the S6 Edge+ handset, you can buy direct from Samsung’s online store. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ costs £749 for the 32GB model and £829 for the 64GB model.

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is offering the S6 Edge+ from £43.50 a month on a two-year contract with no up-front cost. For that price, you get the 32GB model with 1GB of data (including 4G), 5000 texts and 2000 minutes. That price rises to £45.50 for 2GB of data and £47.50 for 3GB of data, whle 8GB costs a rather substantial £55.


EE customers have to pay £99.99 up-front for the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and then it’s £49.99 a month (for two years) on EE’s 4GEE Extra plan. A steep price indeed, but for all that moolah you get 10GB of data (20GB for existing customers who upgrade) plus unlimited everything else, all on EE’s super-fast 4G network.

And EE customers can also take advantage of the S6 Edge+’s WiFi calling feature.

EE offers the 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge+ in Platinum Gold or Sapphire Black. You can pre-order here.


On O2, you need to pay £19.99 up-front and then £38.50 a month for the 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge+. That bags you just 500MB of data, plus unlimited texts and 500 minutes. If you bump up to £42.50 a month you get 1GB of data and unlimited minutes. Or, if you demand more data for all those cat videos you need to stream, there’s a 3GB deal that costs £49.99 up-front and then £41 a month.

If you’re on O2 Refresh, you can trade in your current phone for a discount. So for instance, you can cash in a Note 4 for £234 – although we reckon just stick with the Note 4, which is still a bloody great handset.

O2 is also offering the Platinum Gold and Sapphire Black models. Pre-orders are open.


Three actually has the 64GB model as well as the 32GB version, which is nice – and you once again get a choice of gold or black when you pre-order.

£99 up-front and £41 a month bags you 1GB of data and unlimited everything else, for the 32GB model on a 24-month contract. Bump the monthly tariff up to £44 for 2GB, £47 for 4GB and £50 for 8GB.

And if you want the 64GB model, add £3 a month onto all of those tariffs.


Vodafone is currently only offering the original 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge on a two-year contract from £49 a month, with a £9 up-front cost. We’re expecting the Edge+ to go on sale soon, and with the usual six free months of Now TV, Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify on the more pricey contracts.

Mobile Fun

If you want to just buy your Galaxy S6 Edge+ outright, with no contracts or other hassle, Mobile Fun is offering the Black Sapphire 32GB model for £699.

We’re constantly updating this article as new deals become available.


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