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Best SIM-Only Black Friday UK deals with Tesco Mobile

This Black Friday, UK consumers can bag themselves some great SIM-only deals with Tesco Mobile. Great news if you don’t want to change your smartphone, and saving cash is a top priority.

Black Friday is once again upon us and UK mobile providers have leaped on board with great enthusiasm, offering up all kinds of great deals on phones and contracts. It’s a particularly great time to grab SIM-only deals, which can deliver generous amounts of data for a small monthly sum.

Tesco Mobile is concentrating on the SIM-only side of things this Black Friday, with some highly enticing offers on the table for would-be customers. Here’s our round-up of its best Black Friday offerings.

What is a SIM-only phone contract and why should I get one?

SIM-only deals are basic mobile contracts that only give you a working SIM card, without a handset to use it in. In other words, you’ll have to provide your own mobile device to actually use the SIM. However, because there’s no expensive hardware involved, that means you can get loads of data and minutes for a small monthly sum.

Most people signing up for a SIM-only contract use their existing handsets as they come out of another contract. Alternatively, you can buy a new or refurbished phone from an online retailer. If you find a great Black Friday deal on a smartphone, for instance, you’ll only need the SIM to stick inside of it.

If you’re still spotty on the details, check out this video we’ve put together. You can also use our SIM-only comparison tool to get real-time info on the latest deals.

What SIM-only deals is Tesco Mobile offering this Black Friday?

Sign up for one of Tesco Mobile’s Black Friday SIM-only deals and you can save up to £120 over the course of a year. Here’s the four different offers which you can snap up right now. And the good news is that you can use these allowances in supported European destinations, thanks to Tesco’s Home From Home scheme.

You can check out all of these offers over on Tesco Mobile’s SIM-only deals page. They will be running for just two weeks, until December 4.

500MB 12-month SIM-only contract

If you don’t need to stream any media and only jump online to check out the news headlines or send a few emails, this 500MB SIM-only deal will most likely suit. For just £6 per month, you get that half gig of data as well as 5000 texts and 250 minutes to use up.

5GB 12-month SIM-only contract

More demanding with your online mobile usage? Perhaps you like to stream music, or download apps on the go? This 5GB deal will do the job. For £11 per month (normally £16.50), you also get 1500 minutes and 5000 texts. That’s a saving of £66 over the course of the year, thanks to Tesco Mobile’s Black Friday reductions.

10GB 12-month SIM-only contract

If you spend a lot of time streaming YouTube or Netflix on the go, then you’ll want to bag yourself even more data to ensure you don’t go over your allowance. Tesco Mobile is currently offering 10GB of monthly data for just £15 (previously £21.50), complete with 5000 texts and 1500 minutes. That’s a saving of £78 over the course of the year.

30GB 12-month SIM-only contract

For the most demanding of users, Tesco Mobile serves up a 30GB SIM-only tariff for just £25 per month. Outside of the Black Friday deals, this contract would cost you £35 per month, so you’ll save £120 across a full year. On top of that you get 5000 minutes and 5000 texts, so you have no reason to ever put down your phone.


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