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Best Star Wars app ever? Vader Yourself goes live

We’ve all tried that trick with a pint glass and some heavy breathing, but it never quite gives the full Vader effect. Well, abandon those lo-fi attempts and get thee to the App Store; Vader Yourself is an iPhone app which transforms your voice into that of the Dark Lord of the Sith as well as allowing you to add a whole load of Vader-esque breathing sounds for ultimate accuracy.

Once you’ve handed over your 59p and downloaded the app, just speak into the microphone of your handset and, well, Vader Yourself. Then you can save recorded files to use any time, as well as sharing them through the app via email and Facebook.

Know a massive Star Wars fan? Get ole Darthy to record them an engineered telephone conversation and they’ll think they’ve died and gone to geeky heaven.

Or, next time British Gas are giving you gyp on the phone, just whip out Vader Yourself to give them a bit of whatfor. The possibilities are blowing our minds.


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