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Beware fake WiFi: It’s snatching your smartphone details up

It’s pretty obvious that a fake WiFi account is in no way a good thing, but the BBC has published a video that shows you just how much scamsters can do with the information they steal when you connect using your smartphone.

The chaps from security firm Vigilante Bespoke use BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones’ iPhone to demonstrate how they can steal Facebook information and contacts’ details when his phone is connected to their fake network.

They then go on to use contact information gleaned from Facebook to send Rory a fake text message from his wife asking for sensitive financial information (a PIN code).

It’s pretty scary to think how much the crims can snatch up from the simple process of you updating your Facebook status. So be sure to use only WiFi networks that you trust – even those with names you think you trust could be dodgy (BT OpenPhone: probably not real).


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