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Bitesize iPhone apps aim to help with GCSE revision

Happy new year? Not necessarily, if you’re a GCSE student fretting about how you’ll perform in mock and then real exams in the coming months.

However, Pearson Education has launched a suite of seven iPhone apps designed to help. They’re all based on the BBC’s existing Bitesize initiative, chopping up the key revision topics into smaller chunks, and then wrapping a quiz around them to aid revision.

The seven apps cover Geography, Science, Additional Science, Schools History Project, Religious Studies, Business Studies and Modern World History. Each costs £1.19 on the App Store, and while they’re fairly bare-bones in terms of design – mostly text with the odd image – the ability to add notes is good.

There’s also the option to share quiz scores on Facebook and Twitter, which will at least shift some of the exam pressure onto friends. These apps surely won’t be the last GCSE revision tools to appear on the App Store, but the Bitesize brand means they may be the most popular.


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