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‘Black Friday’ is tomorrow: Apple iPad discounts?


This Friday is the Apple Online Store is having a special one-day Apple shopping event, with free delivery on all products.

Tomorrow is ‘Black Friday’ is the day after Thanksgiving when US shops traditionally slash their prices to mark the start of the Christmas shopping. Although this is a tradition Stateside, rather than with us Brits, US-retailers Amazon and Apple will be cutting priced on a variety of goods and Apple is advertising its ‘one-day shopping event.’

There’s no news of what the product discounts actually are yet and Apple if of course keeping it a closely-guarded secret.

However, 9-to-5 Mac has pictures from a tipster showing the discounts in a catalogue and is reporting that in the US discounts include $41 to $61 (£26-£40) off an Apple iPad 2 and between $21 and $41 (£13-26) off an iPod Touch. If these are accurate, that’s a pretty respectable discount, although there doesn’t appear to be any discount on the iPhone 4S, although it’s rumoured Apple will also be discounting accessories too.

We’ll bring you a round-up of the deals tomorrow.

Source: Apple


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