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BlackBerry 10 OS images leaked: Widgets, inbox, apps and in-call menu shown off

A design document showcasing images of the long anticipated BlackBerry 10 OS has been leaked to CrackBerry with four decent quality images conveying various aspects of the UI, from the apps drawer through to mailbox, in-call display and widgets.

As you can see in the image below, there are four widgets displayed on-screen: weather, phone, music and maps. Whether the widgets are resizable or not is yet to be seen, though we’d think not. That said, hopefully they will come in different sizes to add some dynamism to the look and feel of the screen.

Moving down and we can see the apps drawer with integrated folders and a clear view of the dock at the bottom of the screen. This gives you a shortcut to your dialler, search function and camera. In the apps drawer itself, we’ve got Cut the Rope, recently released for the PlayBook which should fill BlackBerry users with the confidence that when BlackBerry OS 10 finally lands, it will at long last give them some cool apps compatible across their BlackBerry devices.

With RIM’s forte in messaging, the Universal Inbox above is very clean and self explanatory. With messages to different accounts displaying a different symbol, BlackBerry OS 10 looks like it will give you the same glance and go messaging BlackBerry users have come to know and love with some visual refinements. Hopefully we’ll see some charming touches to the inbox and organiser such as rich-text support and re-sizing calendar information as seen at CES when we got a hands on with BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

The final image CrackBerry shares is an in call menu with an attractive landscape image, a stylish semi-opaque black bar displaying contact information with the options to activate speakerphone, mute the call, add notes, pull up the keypad, add a call and videochat. The hang-up button sits nuzzled in the bottom right hand corner of the display.

Whether this is enough or too little too late will have to wait until we get some downtime as these images just convey four aspects of the entire OS. That said, we get the impression BlackBerry are finally pushing their design resources. We would have liked something a bit more dynamic in the widgets with the home screen in the first image looking akin to Symbian^3. There is however every chance RIM will come good upon releasing the OS in its final version – for their sake, let’s hope that’s sooner rather than later.


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