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RIM shows off BlackBerry 6’s multimedia features

BlackBerry 6 might not be ripe yet but Research in Motion has decided to give us a quick taste of what’s to come. We’ve cherry picked some snapshots to give you an idea of what to expect.

New music search – BlackBerry 6’s music player features a search function which looks a lot like CoverFlow on the iPhone. You’ll be able to swipe through a carousel of album art and search for albums by the currently playing artist. Uploading tracks from your computer through BlackBerry Media Sync should see album art automatically added.

Searching for apps – Choosing ‘Explore Music Apps’, from within the media player will provide you with direct link to popular media apps from the BlackBerry App World. You can also search for video and picture apps in the same way.

New podcasting app – This is the new podcasting app, which lets you subscribe to podcasts from your phone. We’re not sure if this will come out in the UK yet.

Improved camera – BlackBerry 6 promises users a dedicated ‘point and shoot’ experience. The improved camera app features a clear menu layout that make it easy to select basic shooting options such as face detection, sports/action mode and the flash control.

YouTube uploader – In addition to making it easier to take pictures, BlackBerry 6 promises to make it easier to shoot video on your phone and upload it to YouTube with an integrated uploader.

New photo gallery – BlackBerry 6 will come with a new photo gallery which will make it easier to organise and search for your favourite photos. You’ll also be able select entire groups of pictures to share, copy/paste or delete and the app will support pinch to zoom on selected handsets.

This is what the new media menu looks like.


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