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BlackBerry A10 tipped to replace Z10 later this year

BlackBerry has already launched the QWERTY Q10 this year, with the low-cost Q5 set to launch over the summer. The company isn’t done just yet, though, as CNET reports that BlackBerry is working on a follow-up to the Z10 – dubbed the A10 – that will be released later on in the year. The publication says that the A10 will be the new flagship device, with the manufacturer relegating the Z10 to mid-range territory.

Above: The BlackBerry Z10

CNET goes on to say that the A10 is a full touchscreen device, just like the Z10. There aren’t any details of the design or specifications for the handset, but the publication says that it will slot into BlackBerry’s strategy of offering multiple devices at a range of price points. The company even mulled the idea of revealing the device at last month’s BlackBerry Live conference, according to the report, but held off because it wasn’t ready.

The report goes on to say that BlackBerry intends to launch the device in November on US carrier Sprint, although it won’t be exclusive to a single network. BlackBerry, then, may well aim to launch the A10 on AT&T and Verizon, and it stands to reason that we’ll also see a UK launch if and when the handset is made official.

There aren’t any more details surrounding the A10 for now, and that November launch date is quite a way off. Don’t worry, though – we’ll bring you the latest news about the A10 as it’s made available.


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