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BlackBerry and Google bring Enterprise-level security to Android

Lollipop is about to get a whole lot more secure thanks to a new partnership between BlackBerry and Google bringing BES12 support into Android.

BlackBerry’s reputation in the world of mobile communications was founded on its impressive security chops. Whilst Apple is pushing for iPhone to become the new work device of choice, for some businesses it’s still BlackBerry or nothing. This latest development however could open up a world of Android smartphones to those same security-conscious business users.

BlackBerry’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) framework lets a business’s IT team manage the policies, profiles and sensitive data of every device hooked up to BES12 within their company and opening that functionality up to Android Lollipop too means greater flexibility for both a business and its employees.

The partnership also highlights integration with Google’s existing mobile work platform – Google Play for Work, which lets businesses run dedicated work apps within the standard Android OS experience.

It’s an interesting development in the story of BlackBerry and feeds into recent rumours of an Android-powered BlackBerry smartphone anticipated to arrive later this year. Such a device could serve as the poster child for the partnership. Stay tuned to see how the partnership develops.


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