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BlackBerry Bold 9900 arrives on Vodafone pre-order: Free from £41 a month

We’ve just spotted a pre-order page for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 creeping onto Vodafone’s site, along with a list of contracts and prices.

The BlackBerry OS 7-powered Bold phone can be had on a range of 12, 18 and 24 month plans. The cheapest deal where you get the phone for free being a 24 month £41 a monther which gives you a whopping 1200, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

1GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi access is also included along with BlackBerry Internet Service and 25MB of usage a day in selected European countries

You can get the same amount of minutes, messages and data on an 18 month plan and still get the Bold 9900 for free for a little more at £46 a month.

None of the 12 month deals will see you getting a Bold 9900 for free, but for £51 a month you can get 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and a roomier 750MB of data, along with 2GB of BT Openzeon access.

No ETA just yet, those who pre-order the Bold 9900 now will be sent a confirmation email when the order is dispatched.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get an inkling of a concrete release date, though we imagine that it’ll be along the lines of, if not hot on the heels of the Carphone Warehouse release date.

Update: the BlackBerry Bold 9900 isn’t currently listed in Vodafone’s Coming Soon section, but you can access the page by going here.


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