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BlackBerry Colt to be RIM’s first BBX phone

RIM aren’t exactly having a grand old time at the moment, but we’re hoping that their future BBX phones would be something to look forward to. If the latest rumours are correct, then they may well have something on their hands that can get them back into the game.

The details of the BlackBerry Colt aren’t completely locked down, and the above picture is just a render, but the phone will supposedly be running a dual-core processor, high resolution display (900+ vertical height), and at least 4” of real estate. The phone would also sport a stainless steel bezel to the one on the Bold 9900.

Other juicy details? The phone will be thinner than the Bold 9900, built in battery, and have no physical buttons, instead favouring swiping gestures from the bezel similar to the PlayBook.

Not bad, RIM, not bad at all. Now they just need to announce it, although it’ll be 2012 at the earliest before they do that. The phone also sounds like it’s in flux right now, so we’ll be most probably see more solid details come down the pipe later on.

Source: N4BB via GSMArena


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