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Blackberry develops software to control our fun.

According to Reuters, Blackberry owners are to be treated to an application which separates the work and play roles of their mobile phones.

The app, known as Balance, will essentially give Blackberry owners two separate phones in one.

The idea behind the application is to allow businesses to easily manage their Blackberry handsets as a whole. But then individual users to customise them easily with personal applications.

Blackberry already suggested that the Playbook would have similar levels of separation. Blackberry hopes to maintain RIM handsets as an all in one for business and social networking, rather than many purchasing a second non-Blackberry handset for personal use.

“We just wanted to create an innovative solution that allows enterprises to manage the corporate data side while at the same time give their employees the freedom to use Facebook and browse the Web and get their Internet email at the same time” said RIM’s senior VP for business and platform marketing, Jeff McDowell¬†


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