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Blackberry faces India ban after company fails to meet government deadline

RIM is currently negotiating with officials in Delhi over demands that they need to read encrypted Blackberry messages to prevent terrorist attacks. The ongoing discussions began last Summer and since then RIM has failed to remove encryption from business clients.

The original deadline for RIM to lift the security was January 31st.

The Indian authorities have been reforming communication law since the November 2008 Mumbai attacks which it was discovered were largely orchestrated by mobile phones.

Blackberry is known to be one of the most secure of all smartphone operating systems and   attracts a large number of business users because of this.

Delhi has threatened a ban on the devices if RIM doesn’t change its security strategy.

Blackberry Vice President Robert Crow has explained that meeting the January 31st deadline is a technical impossibility because it cannot unencrypt messages.

“There is no possibility of us providing any kind of a solution,” “There is no solution, there are no keys to be handed.” said Robert Crow


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