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BlackBerry gets a World Cup Super App

Excited yet? The 2010 World Cup kicks off on Friday, and BlackBerry owners have been presented with a free Super App to help them follow the tournament. Super Apps, if you’re wondering, are Research In Motion’s term for apps that make full use of BlackBerry features, including push alerts, calendar features and social networking.

The app is called South Africa for BlackBerry, and it’s promising real-time score updates from all the World Cup matches, as well as breaking news stories and other stats. This is all using push notifications, so you can choose for your inbox to be pinged every time a goal is scored or someone’s sent off, as well as half-time and full-time scores.

Sharing features include Facebook, Twitter and email to keep your friends up to date. Meanwhile, the app also lets you add matches to your BlackBerry calendar app, and ties into the BlackBerry Messenger app too. Developer July Systems is touting video clips too. If ever something was made for BlackBerry’s real-time push it’s football, so we sense this’ll be getting plenty of downloads in the next few days.


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