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BlackBerry gets Tawkon radiation prediction app

The latest research into whether mobile phones fry our brains was frustratingly inconclusive: in short, we probably won’t know for sure until we all start keeling over in 20 years time. Or not.

One startup, Tawkon, is hoping to capitalise on people’s awareness of mobile phone radiation though. It’s launched an app for BlackBerry handsets that monitors and analyses your phone’s radiation, so you can – ahem – ‘talk on’ with less risk to your synapses.

How does it measure radiation? It’s not just about your phone, but also your location and the current environmental conditions. The idea is it discreetly lets you know when you’re in high, moderate or low-risk areas for radiation exposure. When high, you’re advised to hold your phone further away from your body.

If that sounds like a way to fleece gullible paranoiacs of £6.99… Well, it all depends on where you stand on the radiation issue. Tawkon has received favourable blog coverage in recent months though, so the company isn’t a scam operation.

Tawkon is available on the BlackBerry App World now. Our advice is still to wear a tinfoil helmet when making any mobile calls. For style reasons, really, not just radiation…


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