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BlackBerry hit by iMessage and iOS 5 announcement: stock prices drop

Stockprices for RIM, the manufacturer behind BlackBerry, hit a four-year low after Apple’s recent iOS 5 announcements.

Many tech commentators (even one of us) have noted that the iOS 5, with its new iMessage features, is a direct attack on BlackBerry’s typically loyal fanbase, and could be a viable replacement for BlackBerry Messenger.

The addition of encrypted email options is another blow to BlackBerry phones, who often trumpet their secure features that has help it win a lot of business contracts.

Rumours of a forthcoming BBM app to claws revenue (and BBM fans) from both Android  and iDevices, has failed to appear, and it looks like Apple have found their own way to deliver the service- and are set to  offer it across their iOS range. This means not only iPhones and iPads, but even iPod Touch owners will be able to use iMessage over WiFi, without the need for a 3G connection.

There’s other ways to message both between iPhones and even Android handsets, like WhatsApp, which combines several different messenger programs into one, but a pre-installed app on iDevices could still prove to be stiff competition.

Source: Economic Times
Via: TNW


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