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BlackBerry made of Lego, complete with working screen

If there’s one thing mobile geeks love, it’s our favourite handsets painstakingly recreated in Lego form. Nathan Sawaya is the Godfather of the giant Lego sculpture and recently turned his hand to the BlackBerry Tour 9360 – complete with working video screen. The 5’2″ sculpture incorporates a flat-screen TV because, apparently, RIM wants you to watch more videos on your BlackBerry. It’s like they want us to think that BlackBerry isn’t all work and no play or something.

The giant model – which is one-and-a-half-inches taller than I am, how depressing – was commissioned for the BlackBerry Developer Conference in November last year, where it took the dubious honour of being the only newsworthy thing to emerge.

[BrickArtist via Gizmodo]