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BlackBerry Messenger: Coming to Android, and then iPhone?

There’s been news of Android apps running on the forthcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, but now BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion, may be set to reverse this.

There’s talk of its super-popular, young-thing-magnet, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app coming to Android phones.

According to Boy Geek Report’s “multiple trusted sources” that are involved in the dealings, RIM is planning to bring the messenger service initially to Google’s Android Market.

Their open platform would be much easier to develop on, but haven’t ruled out bringing their messenger goodness to Apple devices, and in fact hope to bring the app to iPhones and iPads later.

Sadly, the leaks weren’t giving away any price or date info, as their “strategy is still being developed.”

These may include a one-off app payment, or even a subscription service. No exact details on whether the BlackBerry version will hold onto most features while the ported app gives a lite-version experience.

BBM is one of the strong reasons to buy a BlackBerry phone over other- some may say funner- smartphones. We enjoyed using it here at Recombu,

Research In Motion may be looking to reclaim some money from rival phone-users who have gone to third party (best selling) paid-for messenger apps very similar to BBM.

Source: BGR (Not to be confused with BBM)


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