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BlackBerry Milan and Colt cancelled

If word over at Boy Genius Reporter is anything to go by, it looks like RIM are going through a tougher time than we realised. With a story published today that the BlackBerry Milan has been cancelled coupled with the earlier cancellation of the Milan, this just leave the BlackBerry London to champion QNX for their 2012 line-up.

The BlackBerry Colt was to be a buttonless touch screen candybar purported to be coming with BlackBerry’s PlayBook OS – QNX, renamed BB10 for the phone re-packaging. With the Milan suggested to also offer QNX, the 2012 line-up was getting buffered out nicely if the leaks were indeed based on RIM’s roadmap.

Now, unfortunately it looks like these unconfirmed handsets have died before they’ve even seen the light of day, with word from a ‘multiple sources’ that the Milan has also been cancelled thanks to carriers recoiling at the thought of another BB7 phone so similar to the Torch. The BlackBerry London therefore remains the only outed handset from the RIM camp running the OS fans and indeed, RIM themselves hope will pick up sales and unite their phone and tablet lines. Let’s hope more devices are shown off at MWC to fend off fears of the worst for RIM.

Source: Boy Genius Reporter Image: The Verge


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