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BlackBerry OS 6: Video demo

RIM has unveiled an all-singing, all-dancing video demo of the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6 and, dancing aside, you can colour us impressed. Some time in Q3 this year, the new software should be making its way to a BlackBerry handset near you – so what can you expect?

Well, the video makes it seem very touchscreen-heavy, complete with multitouch browser. The feel of the OS is very iPhone-meets-Android. The media player has had a makeover (that’s right folks, BlackBerry handsets do have media players) and it’s very coverflow-esque, with the emphasis on album artwork. The homescreen has pull-up mini-menus which look much more straightforward than the web-like single menu current models are stuck with.

Have a gander at the video for a more indepth feel of the OS – you might want to mute it if you’re not a Black Eyed Peas fan though.

[Source: BlackBerry Blog with additional information from Gizmodo]


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