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BlackBerry planning new flagship and mid-tier BB10 devices

BlackBerry is planning two new BB10 smartphones including a new flagship, according to CEO Thorsen Heins.

Speaking to CNET Heins said “There’s one new product I’m really excited about, but I can’t really share it…..It takes BlackBerry 10 to another level in terms of the user experience.” The device will arrive in time for the holidays, but Heins couldn’t confirm if it would arrive before the end of 2013. 

He also confirmed the company is planning to launch a mid-tier smartphone later this year, at a slightly lower price point to the BlackBerry Z10.

Thorsten Heins BlackBerry Z10 launch

The releases are part of BlackBerry’s strategy to introduce three tiers of smartphone at different price points with touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard options. Interestingly the screens will all be 4.2-inches and 3.1-inches respectively, allowing consistency for app developers

This means by the end of the year there will be three to four devices running BlackBerry 10 including the BlackBerry Z10, which launched in February and the BlackBerry Q10, which we’re expecting to launch at the end of April.



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