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Blackberry Playbook on sale today at Selfridges: nationwide tomorrow

RIM’s first tablet; the Blackberry Playbook will go on sale at Selfridges today and nationwide tomorrow.
First announced by RIM at CES this year, it’s a 7-inch tablet with a dual-core processor, dual 1080p cameras and the new ultra-nippy QNX operating system.

You can read our full Blackberry Playbook review here, but we loved the intuitive user interface with its swipe controls and the fast performance. But it is far from a perfect tablet experience, one of our main complaints is that it’s WiFi only at the moment and the only way to use 3G is to tether it using a Blackberry smartphone, making it very much a product for the existing RIM user Additionally app choice is very limited at the moment.

Dixons pre-order prices are £399 for the 16GB version, £479 for 32GB and £559 for the 64GB, its only 7-inch tablet rival the HTC Flyer costs around £479 for 16GB. Although the smaller screen size certainly will appeal to many people, RIM has got to shift a lot of units to get close to Apple with its market leading Apple iPad 2 which also has an entry point of £399, but with a larger 9.7-inch screen.


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Via: Telegraph


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