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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0: Calendar, contacts and email hands-on photos and video

RIM announce a major upgrade to the BlackBerry Playbook, with the launch of OS 2.0 this week. Along with Android app compatibility, the ability to use your BlackBerry as a remote control; calendar, contacts and email have been dramatically changed. With improved usability and better integration with each other and social networking websites.

RIM has been demoing the changes at CES, and we’ve got some hands-on pictures and video.

One thing is for sure. The PlayBook is looking more and more enticing. Ok, the price in the UK has just gone up, but we still think £250 for 16GB is great value for a table that seems to be getting better.

We’re expecting the PlayBook OS 2.0 update to arrive in February, although there’s no news yet on the exact date.

On days when you have more appointments the date is bigger, so at a glance you can tell when you are busiest

Tap on the day and select Agenda from the trio of tabs on the right to view a list of appointments that day

Tap on the right to People tab to view a list of people you are meeting that day

Contacts have been dramatically improve. Tap on each one to view details, icons on the right let you access extra details, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Location

Within the email client, the keyboard remains the same, but now includes word processing options much like a computer, where you can adjust the font size, tabs and bold

Now it’s possible to compose multiple emails simultaneously. Swipe down and open messages are displayed as tabs you swap between

Social Networking integration is much deeper, with tabs for LinkedIn and Twitter on the left


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