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BlackBerry PlayBook: Some early official pictures

Because we’re still in the keynote and not sure how long it’ll be before we can get up close and personal with the BlackBerry PlayBook, we thought we’d share these official gallery images to give you a better feel for the tablet.

The PlayBook’s homescreen; it’s very image-heavy with recognisable icons and screenshots of what we think may be apps that are currently running.

The email inbox looks very familiar, definitely taking a few design cues from the landscape inbox seen on the iPad.

RIM isn’t traditionally known for its media apps, but the gallery on the PlayBook has certainly had an overhaul from the traditional layout on BlackBerry OS. And with two high quality cameras on the front and rear of the device, you’ll be able to populate the gallery in no time – not like on the iPad where you can only download images from elsewhere.

Videocalling on that large screen will need your caller to have an device with an equally high-quality camera, otherwise you’re going to be left with horrible pixelly ogre-like images instead of the cherubic baby’s smile above. We’re not the biggest fans of video-calling but grudgingly admit that the amount of marketing that’s going behind it from Apple and now BlackBerry will probably see it succeed. Darn it.

The calendar is pretty standard fare.

The PlayBook will also have BlackBerry Messenger, with which you can instant message with your BlackBerry-owning contacts.


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