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BlackBerry PlayBook to take on the Apple iPad – now with video

Mike Lazaridis just announced the BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM’s answer to the iPad.

At 9.7mm thin, with apps, multi-tasking, HTML 5 and full Flash 10.1 capability, 7-inch high definition screen and HD video support at full 1080p and non-propriety HDMI and USB connections, it’s looking pretty darn impressive from where we’re sitting.

Two full HD cameras are present; one on the front and one on the back. The 1GHz dual-core processors with 1GB of RAM will give you some serious multi-tasking capability, and it’ll pair up with you existing BlackBerry devices too, so you can share data and control either remotely.

The PlayBook will initially launch with WiFi connectivity only, but RIM has plans in the pipeline for 3G and 4G versions. It’s not exactly imminent though, we’re looking at a Q1 2011 release for the US and Q2 for other regions; so April 2011 onwards for us in the UK.

Stay tuned for more as we get it.

Update: Here’s the video RIM showed us during the keynote speech:



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