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BlackBerry PlayBook UK prices creep up: Now £249 for 16GB edition

If you were thinking of getting a fire sale BlackBerry PlayBook for a very nice £179, tough luck, that boat has sailed.

Prices for the 16GB version of the PlayBook have crept up to £249 on Carphone Warehouse and PC World where just a week ago they could be had for the more agreeable £179. That’s still a pretty hefty discount from the original selling price; you’re looking at a £150 mark down from how much it cost at launch.

At both Carphone Warehouse and PC World delivery options – to your door or in-store collections – are free as well.

With PlayBook OS 2.0 now waiting in the wings, the PlayBook is now a much more attractive sell – potentially its this that’s driven the price back up a bit.

We think that the PlayBook is a great product and based on what we’ve seen of OS 2.0 at CES, we’d be willing to part with £250 if we had the readies to hand. Pay day is a way off yet; let’s hope that PlayBook prices don’t climb between now and the end of January.

Source: Carphone Warehouse, PC World


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