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BlackBerry lost close to a billion dollars last quarter

BlackBerry hasn’t been having the best of times lately. The company recently cut 4,500 jobs from its workforce, and has entered into an acquisition agreement with Fairfax Financial, a Canadian investment firm that attempts to turn failing businesses around. But the latest bad news comes in the form of BlackBerry’s appalling second quarter results.

The company lost a huge amount of money – $965 million, to be exact (that’s around £600 million). BlackBerry blames the loss on the lack of Z10 sales, which isn’t hugely surprising. The handset only received lukewarm reviews, and consumers evidently didn’t seem too interested in the new experience BlackBerry had to offer.

That seems to be borne out in general handset sales too. BlackBerry shifted 3.7 million phones in total, with the company admitting that most of those were running BlackBerry OS 7, and not OS 10 that runs on the Z10, Z30, Q5, and Q10.

BlackBerry’s phone business, then, seems to be dead in the water, but it may still be able to salvage itself through its enterprise services. They’re still used by governments and organisations across the world, after all, and it’s an area that Apple and Samsung haven’t quite managed to gain a foothold in just yet. Still, the clock is ticking.


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