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BlackBerry Q5 unboxing video

We returned from the London launch of the new BlackBerry Q5, boxed handset in hand. The Q5 is aiming to bring the premium new experiences offered by the company’s latest BlackBerry 10 operating system to consumers at a more affordable price point.

Before we started to really test the device out for ourselves, we rooted through the box to see what other goodies prospective Q5 owners will find when they pick one up.

First and foremost, the box continues the design trends set by the phone’s BB10 siblings: the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. The black, white and red colour scheme of the box reflects the three colour options available at the Q5’s launch. On the top is a big, bold ‘Q5’ logo, while the end features the BlackBerry logo, the right side an embossed BlackBerry logo and beyond that, general legal information.

Slitting the flat open and lifting the lid reveals a partly charged BlackBerry Q5. The handset is thinner but longer than the Q10 to the eye and in the hand doesn’t feel quite as nice with regards to the finish of the plastic body.

Having removed the handset and lifted the flap on which it rested reveals a wealth of bumph, such as legal information, warranty and a quick start guide, bound by black card.

Despite the younger audience the Q5 is catering to, BlackBerry hasn’t lost sight of its business user origins and the remains of the box reflect this. The stereo headphones offer up an inbuilt microphone along with what appears to be an answer/end call button that’ll no doubt double as a music playback controller. Underneath this are two power adapters, a UK plug-to-USB lead as well as a European adapter. The last piece of the package is the all-important USB-to-microUSB lead which will serve as the primary means to transfer your content to the BlackBerry Link software on PC or for general charging purposes.

Find out more about the BlackBerry Q5 in our hands-on here and check back soon for the full review.


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