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Red BlackBerry R10 poses for the camera, specs detailed

Remember the budget QWERTY BlackBerry device we saw around a month ago? It’s been spotted once again out in the wild, this time captured in red. It looks pretty much identical to the white version of the phone we saw last month, but the new paint job suggests that BlackBerry will be releasing a range of colours to cater to different tastes.

In addition, specs of the device have leaked out on Chinese forums DGtle. According to one poster, the R10 will be very similar to the BlackBerry Q10 in terms of specs. The device will feature the same 3.1-inch display (including the 720×720 resolution) as well as 2GB of RAM. Storage will be axed to 8GB, however, and the R10 will reportedly come with a 5-megapixel camera instead of the 8-megapixel shooter on the Q10. The battery is also apparently non-removable and rated at 1,800mAh.

Naturally, the build quality won’t be as good as the Q10 or Z10, as BlackBerry is reportedly aiming this at the lower end of the market. DGtle describes it as “satisfactory”, which makes sense when you consider the $300-400 (about £192 to £257) that BlackBerry is said to be targeting.

The specs do seem to match what was reported last month, and BlackBerry has hinted in the past that budget BlackBerry 10 devices are coming. As for when we’ll see the R10, previous rumours have indicated that it may be released sometime in the third or fourth quarter.

[spotted at Engadget]


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