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BlackBerry search and maps to be powered by Microsoft’s Bing

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has made a surprise appearance at RIM’s BlackBerry World Conference 2011 in Orlando.

He announced that, aside from Windows Phone 7 being great, ahem, Microsoft’s Bing search engine and maps would become the default on BlackBerry devices from the next “holiday season”. (That’s should be around Christmas time.)

According to Pocket-Lint, Ballmer said that “Bing will provide the organising layer in the cloud.”

“This goes way beyond the search box. It’s about real tools helping real people get jobs done.”

Bing looks set to be built right into the core of the phone, rather than existing as an optional search or app buried into the menus.

Microsoft has gone on the attack front in mobile; alongside this BlackBerry tie-in, Windows Phone 7 is set to gain a powerful manufacturing ally in phone giant Nokia, with the first handsets expected early next year.

Microsoft have also been absorbing developers for mobile, and manyindustry experts have started to look away from RIM and towards Microsoft, following its recent aggressive stance.

Source: Pocket-Lint


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