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Blackberry slashing jobs as shares continue to decline

More bad news for Blackberry as the phone manufacturer announces cutbacks across its global operation.

Blackberry’s had a rather torrid time of late, with share prices continuing to slide (down 4.6 percent this year so far) despite rumours of a Samsung takeover and its global market share dropping to under one percent for the first time in forever. Now the Canadian company has announced that it’ll be streamlining its operations, putting some of its 7,000 employees at risk.

Blackberry’s press statement stated that it would ‘consolidate our device software, hardware and applications business’ to try and return to profit, although there’s no word so far on how many employees will lose their jobs. We can only pray that losses are kept to a minimum.

Blackberry’s sudden slide means that it’s now focusing on financial professionals and government workers with its future handsets and apps, a move that seems to make perfect sense. Consumer models have met with mixed reviews and BB is still best known, and well trusted, for its excellent security presence. After all, even President Obama rocks a Blackberry.

And it’s not all despair and tragedy for our favourite business brand. Blackberry pointed out just last month that some people really do like the critically panned Passport, which sported an unusual square design. So that’s nice.


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