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BlackBerry Z10 Tips and Tricks

The BlackBerry Z10 is finally here – the first phone to run BlackBerry 10, making a big departure from the company known formally as RIM. We like the Z10, it’s well built, with a great keyboard and interesting swipe navigation system, as well as dual-core processor and of course BlackBerry email. 

The BlackBerry Z10 is available from a range of networks, including Vodafone, O2 and EE, if you’re one of the people who has invested in the phone, here are some tips to help you get the best from it.


Tip 1: App screen customisation

Press and hold on any app on the homescreen and all the apps will pulse (left pic). Those with a rubbish bin icon can be deleted, otheriwse you move them around  and drag one app on top of another to create a folder.

Tip 2: Homescreen

Under the screen you’ll see a line of dots, each representing an individual app screen. Press and hold any of the dots and you can quickly move between the Hub, Home Screen and App screens (right pic).

BB10 App screen and quick slider


Tip 4: Keyboard

The keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10 is the best we’ve seen a smartphone. Conjure it up by swiping up with two fingers, delete a word by swiping and double tap to add a full stop.


Tip 5: Delete Multiple messages

Without a visible delete button deleting multiple messages can be time consuming. Save time by tapping the three dots at the bottom right of the screen then – Select More – tap the messages you want to delete and hit the Delete button.


Tip 6: Viewing the Compact Sidebar

If you’re reading a message and want to quickly return to the BlackBerry Hub to check out new messages, instead of tapping the Back button, hold it down and drag it right and the Compact Sidebar appears, complete with Hub notifications (left).

BlackBerry Compact Sidebar and email settings


Tip 7: Single or conversation messages

BlackBerry has added some email customisation options to the phone. Go into the BlackBerry Hub, tap the three lines in the corner and select Display and ActionsDisplay Style lets you determine whether you view one message or a whole conversation, whereby when you click on a message all those in the series are visible (above right) .


Tip 8: Further email settings

As before head into the email settings menu in the BlackBerry Hub byng tappi the three lines in the corner and selecting Display and Action. The sliders underneath let you determine whether you want to Show Sent Messages or Show Filed Messages and perhaps most importantly if you are on a limited data select Download Images Automatically (above right).

Tip 9: Formatting emails

To underline, bold or add bullet points to text in an email, press the spacebar until the keyboard retracts and tap Format and a row of icons appear under the subject bar. Tap the icons and either continue typing or select text to change what you have already written (below left).


Tip 10: Email attachments

In BB10 it’s very simple to attach a file to an email, press the spacebar until the keyboard retracts and this time tap Attach. From the pop-up screen you can choose to attach a Picture, Video, Audio file, Contact, Appointment or File (below right).

BB10 formatting emails and adding attachments


Top 11: Take a screenshot

To capture the contents of your screen simultaneously hold down the up and down volume keys located on the side and you’ll hear a click. Screenshtos are stored in the Pictures folder, where you can share them via a selection of messaging formats, including: Twitter, BBM and Email.


Tip 12: Previewing photographs

To quickly view a quick preview of a photograph without leaving the app, press and hold the thumbnail in the corner and drag it to the opposing corner. Relese to minimise.

Tip 13: Adding camera features

The BlackBerry Z10’s 8-megapixel camera has a very limited selection of features, so head to the BlackBerry World and download PicShop Lite. This free app providers a good selection of filters and exposure effects to enhance your photos (right pic).


Tip 14: Lock screen messages

Add a message to your lock screen by heading to System Settings – Display. Adding your name or company could provide useful information in case the phone gets lost (left pic).


BB10 lock screen and PicShop Lite app

Tip 15: Restarting

If the Z10 becomes sluggish or applications fail to close  perform a reset by pressing and holding the Power key for 10 seconds.


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