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Bling up your iPad Mini for £435,000

With the new iPad Mini going on sale this Friday, what better way of showing off the latest Apple tablet than with a new case. If you have a spare $700,000 (£435,000) burning a hole in your pocket, you could get a new jewel-encrusted case to complement it.

The New York City-based National Sapphire Company is punting the new case, which won’t leave much change from half a million quid. It features an 18-carat white gold body with 3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires set in it, weighing 599 carats.

Another 50 round diamonds make up the Apple logo. For an extra charge, you can have monogram on the case set in rubies.

“Our iPad Mini case is the bigger, better version of our iPhone 5 case,” said a blog post on the company’s website. “So, during this holiday season whether you’re reading the avalanche report slope side or the latest issue of Cosmo pool side, you’ll be reading in blinged out sapphire style!”

The company said that instead of being “just another drone on your hour-long commute fitting snuggly in with the steel grey of our technological society. Be different, be unique, be conspicuously and resplendently beautiful!” Although this writer would not want to pull this case out while on the train heading through Hackney on the way to the office.

Should you not be able to afford to pay $700,000 all at once, the company will offer customers the ability to pay for the case in three “easy” instalments of just $233,333,33 instead. Which is handy in these times of austerity! 


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