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Microsoft is in talks with HTC to include Windows Phone on its Android handsets

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is in discussions with HTC to try and include its mobile operating system on devices that also run Android.

If HTC agrees to the deal, then we could see phones capable of booting two different systems: Android and Windows Phone. And Microsoft seems to be fairly serious too. The publication goes on to say that Microsoft is trying to tempt HTC into the deal by waiving or reducing the standard Windows Phone license fee. It’s a strange move given Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia, but the company says that it’s still committed to working with partners other than the Finnish smartphone manufacturer.

Hardware really isn’t the issue for Microsoft, though. Nokia’s Lumia handsets look gorgeous and feature excellent cameras – they just don’t have the same robust ecosystems that draw users to iOS and Android. If Microsoft is serious amount making Windows Phone work, then it desperately needs to start leaning on popular services and businesses to get the relevant apps that people actually want. Speedier updates and improvements for WIndows Phone itself wouldn’t hurt either.


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