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Blow Up: Dynamite-packed action game for Android

The object of Blow Up is to level wooden structures using dynamite sticks. It’s not as simple as it sounds as the debris has to fall to a certain height in order to progress to the next level. You also get extra points if the panda hits the star on its way down to the ground.

It seems pretty straightforward but working out exactly where to place the explosives and when to set the timers becomes more of an exact science as you move through the game.

The picture doesn’t do the game’s physics justice. There’s something very satisfying about blowing out the lower section of a structure and watching it slowly teeter over. The ragdoll panda (which you can dismember for your amusement) has a floppy queasy quality all of its own.

You can download the first ten levels of Blow Up (Blow Up Lite) for free from the Market or get the first ten plus another 70 for $2.99 (£2).


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