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‘Bluechip’ Android smartphone for under £80

A few years ago to get a smartphone with a touchscreen you’d have been looking at an outlay of several hundred pounds, however you can get hold of a Android smartphone for less than £80.

Tesco is selling the Bluechip Neon Android for £79.97 sim free, as spotted by But who are Bluechip? Based in Hong Kong, the company is a hardware manufacturer that sells a range of Bluetooth devices, including headsets and chips.

Specification on the Bluechip website is limited, but it has a 3.5-inch 480×320 pixel screen, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 3.2-megapixel camera. There’s no news on internal memory, but there is a microSD slot and the phone also includes an mp4 player and motion sensor.

The Neon Android also available via the Tesco website, although it’s currently out of stock.

In appearance it looks similar to the Orange Stockholm and Vodafone Smart, with a similar weight and dimensions, but appears to run a more pure version of Android.

Have you seen the Bluechip Neon Android? Would you get an Android handset that wasn’t from a ‘traditional’ mobile phone brand or network operator? Let us know below or via Facebook and Twitter.

Via: Cool Smartphone


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