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BMW Connected app brings in-car iPhone entertainment

Got a BMW car equipped with the special option code ‘6NR’? Probably not, given that they’re not going on sale until March 2011. But when they do, there’ll be an app already available for them.

BMW Connected went live in the App Store this weekend, and promises a “revolution of in-car infotainment”. Which is quite a claim.

What does it mean? It’s an app that, when your iPhone is connected via USB or SnapIn adaptor, will let Beemer drivers access its features using their car’s iDrive system.

For now, those features are focused on two things: streaming internet radio and social networking. You can access a catalogue of radio stations sorted¬† by genre or location, or browse tweets and status updates from your Twitter and Facebook friends. There’s also a feature to send ‘pre-defined’ texts relating to your vehicle while travelling.

BMW says it will add more features ‘shortly’ – presumably before the cars go on sale. All our experience of UK mobile networks tells us streaming web radio while zooming down a motorway may be subject to buffering annoyance, but it will be interesting to see how BMW develops its in-car app.


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