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Bonecruncher Soccer iPhone football game goes in two-footed

Ever played Backbreaker Football? The iPhone and iPad game is marvellous fun even if you don’t understand American Football, since it cuts out all the rules and regulations, in favour of simply legging it down the field spinning and sidestepping the angry defenders in your path.

Well, Bonecruncher Soccer is the same idea, but for proper football. It has similarly-spiffing 3D visuals, and gets you to… leg it down the field sidestepping angry defenders, before boshing the ball into the goal from the edge of the penalty box.

It even has proper motion-captured animations, courtesy of the Sheffield United Academy – the game comes from local game-maker Distinctive Developments. Running is just a case of tilting your iPhone forwards and from side-to-side, with timing everything in tapping the screen to dodge their scything tackles – which as in Backbreaker Football, are wincingly replayed if you mistime your dodge.

Game Center is built in too, so you can see how your efforts compare with friends. There are also 40 challenges, taking in checkpoints, shot targets and exclusion zones, to keep your interest up. It’s 59p in a time-limited offer, and well worth a look.


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