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Boots launches Treat Street Trolley Dash app

Supply of plasters running dangerously low? One bad weekend away from total paracetomol bankruptcy? Never fear, Boots is here, with its new Treat Street Trolley Dash app.

The Boots app is a cross between an Ocado-style shopping app for Boots products and a saccharine, top-down game in which you pilot some dappy redhead around in a shopping trolley. It’s a weird addition to what would otherwise just be a normal shopping app; you tap the screen to jump over obstacles like banana skins and dogs and jump extra high to collect sunglasses and Boots cards. And it’s all pink. iD Software’s Rage this ain’t, but that said, John Carmack never offered to sell me tickets from in any of his apps, so one-nil to Boots.

Ignoring the game, shopping through the app looks pretty easy, and there’s a whole range of stuff to buy through the online portal, from New Look clothes to DVDs from There’s also a neat built in reward system where you can collect loyalty points for your purchases on your Boots Advantage card.

The Boots Treat Street Trolley Dash app (try saying that three times fast) is available now on iOS and Android free of charge.