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Brando Bluetooth keyboard is Spectrum-esque

Typing on a touchscreen – even a fabulously brilliant touchscreen with a nicely spaced keyboard – is nobody’s favourite thing to do. Qwerty all the way, in our opinion, so we’re all for external keyboards with touchscreen phones.

This Brando keyboard, while channeling my beloved ZX Spectrum, does look a little on the cheap side. It connects via USB or Bluetooth so you can be tap tap tapping those messages and emails out without even getting wired up. With a built-in rechargeable battery, the keyboard has the traditional Qwerty lay out with separate number keys (oh, happy day) and is about the same size as an iPhone. So it won’t be massively spacious but still an improvement on the touchscreen keyboard.

You can nab it from Brando in either a white finish or shiny chrome, for £27 ($37 plus $3 shipping) and it should work with any Bluetooth-enabled handset as well as the illustrious iPad.

[via Gizmodiva]


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