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Brian Eno takes his Bloom app to iPad

When he’s not twiddling studio knobs to put wibbly bits on records for U2 and Coldplay, Brian Eno is exploring the technology around ‘generative music’.

iPhone app Bloom was a good example. The app claimed to be part instrument, part composition and part artwork. Which is a high-falutin’ way of saying that it let you tap your iPhone screen to make nice looping sounds, or watch as it did the job itself.

Anyway, it’s now available for Apple’s iPad too. Bloom HD is basically an upscaled version of the original app, but with a new user interface tweaked for the big(ger) screen.

With 12 different mood settings, it should provide sounds for any mood you have. Well, apart from the ‘I really HATE ambient music, where’s the Iron Maiden box-set?’ mood, obviously.

Bloom HD costs £2.39 on the App Store, and is out today.


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