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Brits revealed as nation of Facebook friend cullers

Are we in a permanent cycle of deleting and adding Facebook friends? Over two thirds of Brits regularly have mass culls of Facebook friends, yet 75% of people have sent a friend request to a stranger on Facebook.

Research from Recombu* reveals that although a large proportion of Facebook users (71%) cull their contacts, only one in five people (18%) diligently delete friends every month and 30% never clear out Facebook contacts.

Interestingly the research revealed the majority of users only engage with a small proportion of contacts. According to Facebook the global average for the number of Facebook friends is 190, rising to 1000 for the average 22-year old.  Yet 82% of Facebook users surveyed speak to less than twenty five of their Facebook friends on a regular basis, which means the average person has 142 friends they don’t have frequent contact with.

It appears Facebook is a numbers game for many people, where it’s important to have as many friends as possible, but by doing that your personal information is available to people you barely know or don’t speak to regularly. If that’s you it’s probably a good idea to visit Facebook’s privacy settings so you can determine exactly who can see what – or just start culling.

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  • * 2000 people conducted in February 2012 by OnePoll


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