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Brits would rather holiday with their phones than without

An infographic produced by two leading online holiday companies has emerged highlighting how Brits use their mobile devices whilst abroad.

Expedia, and corporate arm Egencia, performed the survey in 24 countries around the world and it seems that, far from wanting to get away from the intrusion that mobile devices can cause, we Brits feel that having a mobile device with us on our jaunts abroad can actually enhance the experience.

The results of the survey show that a massive 89% of Brits take at least one mobile device with them on foreign trips, with 69% using their mobiles for the entire duration of their trip. 90% of people polled felt that mobiles were essential for holiday planning, using them to book flights, accommodation and research their destination, and almost half of British holiday makers use their devices for navigation whilst they’re away.

Andy Washington, Managing Director of said “We are entering a new era where people move fluidly across desktop, phone, tablet and even wearables as they plan, book and then ultimately take their trip. Travellers are not only researching and booking trips on mobile, but they’re also complimenting their meals, and capturing every trip detail. This is the new normal when it comes to travel. We need to be able to develop relevant products to meet these needs and to offer a consistently high level of service as customers move from one device to another.”

With mobile phones offering so much in terms of functionality, it’s perhaps little surprise that holidaymakers are taking more advantage of their tech, after all it could save a lot of time and effort – not to mention precious luggage space!

Are you a mobile lover or hater when it comes to taking a phone on holiday? Does it enhance or hinder your holiday experience? Let us know in the comments below.