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BT SmartTalk app lets customers pay landline rates for mobile calls

BT SmartTalk appAll too often, mobile customers don’t get rewarded for their loyalty towards one carrier or another. It seems that for the most part, networks are far busier creating new custom, than maintaining the relationships with their existing members. This rant is of course part personal experience, but rewarding customers for long term business is something too few companies make good on, a familiar concept to many landline and mobile consumers.

Great news for BT customers then, with regards to the arrival of the company’s new SmartTalk app. BT have decided to help mobile users cut their mobile costs by bringing their BT home phone plan to their smartphones. The telco’s new app, called BT SmartTalk lets the user access their landline call plan via their smartphone by directing calls via WiFi or 3G (using mobile data rather than the users minutes). Should you want to place a call, you can use the app’s dialler or the inbuilt address book which synchronises with your smartphone’s own contact list.

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BT point out that calling 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers via the app becomes free as they’re diverted through your landline and international calling becomes far less expensive too. Naturally users aren’t confined to their own WiFi network either, with any public WiFi or BT hotspot made usable provided you have prior access available. The shared nature of a home landline means that up to five users can utilise copies of the app tied into one landline.

Both iPhone and Android users can grab the app for free from the App Store and Google Play respectively. Devices must be running iOS 4.1 or Android 2.1 Eclair or newer, so most users shouldn’t have any trouble grabbing the app.


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