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Nokia will soon offer free Netflix access to Lumia buyers in the UK

Nokia makes excellent phone hardware, but Windows Phone has struggled to keep pace with Android and iOS in terms of apps and features, which ultimately limits the appeal. But would a free Netflix subscription drive more people to the mobile operating system? Nokia seems to think so.

The Financial Times reports that Nokia will be working with UK networks to give away free Netflix subscriptions with the purchase of a Lumia handset. Phones 4u, for example, will offer up to six months of the streaming service, while Vodafone will bump that up to a full year. Microsoft will apparently be footing the bill for the promotion.

Nokia has inked similar deals in the past. TechnoBuffalo notes that anyone in Finland purchasing a Lumia 625 from Gigantti will receive six months worth of Netflix. It’s unclear, though, if Nokia and Microsoft intend to extend the offer to the United States. It would definitely be an enticing proposition if they did, and would almost certainly boost those low market share numbers. Still, faster updates and a healthier selection of apps wouldn’t hurt either.


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